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Prayer for Google Reader

Dear Google Reader!


Last night, after several months of only occassionally thinking about you, I set to make order among my feeds. It was a lot of work; I went to bed after 2 AM. There were several reasons to doing so: First, I was angry that Reeder, the app I’d been using to deal with you on my iOS devices, still hadn’t included the possibility to add new feeds, plus, since Evernote changed some security-related sign-in stuff, the app hadn’t (and still hasn’t) been able to connect to it. So I was learning how to use Feedly (great alternative to both Reader and Reeder) which helped in half of the problems (adding feeds: check, send-to-Evernote: not yet).

The second reason I returned to you after all those months was that I felt angry at the social networks that sort of replaced you and even angrier at me that I let that shallow trend win over me, 140 characters at a time.


I enjoyed hanging out with you again.


And then, in the morning (CET) I found out you’re going to retire soon. Damn it! Coincidence? Synchronicity? It feels as if I was connected to your energy after all and I made one last resuscitation before Google even announced you’re done.

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